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About Kramer Industries

About Kramer Industries

Our Story

In 1911, Harry Kramer set up a small factory in the basement of his home to manufacture chamois cases for pocket watches. Kramer Industries remains a full service company, offering media, compounds, repair services, advice and a full line of barrel finishing, blasting, vibratory finishing, centrifugal water/solids separating and parts separating equipment.

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Our Corporate Mission

To promote an environment for our customers, employees and industry that advances learning, creativity and satisfaction and continuously increases the true value for all stakeholders of the company. See below to learn more about us.

The Experience our Customers will have...

  • Stress-free and satisfying purchasing process
  • Honest and open communication
  • Treated with respect, integrity and trust
  • Products and services which exceed expectations every time

The Environment our Employees will work in...

  • A pleasant and comfortable workplace
  • Independence to take advantage of new opportunities
  • Encouraged to take risks without the anxiety of failure
  • Continuous learning in a non-stifling atmosphere
  • Freedom to be expressive and creative

The Contributions to our Industry will be...

  • Readily available, practical, educational information
  • Open dialogue to encourage learning and information sharing
  • Leverage our experience to facilitate economic growth
  • Cooperative environment among all in the industry
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