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Steel Grit

Steel Grit - Virgin Grade Abrasive Media

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Steel Grit - Virgin Grade

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Steel Grit - Virgin Grade

Only select sizes are available for purchase online. For additional media sizes and quantities, please call us toll-free at 1-888-515-9443.

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Steel grit blasting is ideal for aggressive cleaning applications. Steel grit will quickly strip many types of surface contaminants from steel and other foundry metals. Steel grit is softer than aluminum oxide and does not fracture as easily, making it ideal for aircraft and aero-space applications. The angular nature of steel grit produces an etched surface on metal for superior adhesion of paint, epoxy, enamel, rubber and other coatings.

Grit Size & Hardness

Different chemistries will lead to different operating results, depending on the size and hardness of the grit. Since Kramer is a primary steel grit supplier, multiple chemistries of steel grit are available. Steel grit that is formulated as a softer (40-50 HRC) metal will round off rapidly, making it ideal for quick stripping of oxides and cleaning of molds. Harder steel grit (55-65 HRC) will maintain the angular nature of the grit to provide continuous cutting action.

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