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K14 Series

K14 Series Heavy-Duty, Variable-Speed, Wet Barrel Tumblers
Bench Models

A Small, Heavy-Duty Barrel Tumbler

The K14 Series system is a small, heavy-duty, bench-top, wet barrel tumbler with standard capacities ranging from 0.75 to 1.5 cubic feet. The K14 system is a deburring machine solution that features a timer, variable speed, a heavy chain drive, and removable, interchangeable barrels. The barrels are mounted high enough to allow a screen and pan underneath so the barrel can be emptied without lifting and dumping. This deburring turn-key machine can handle loads of up to 200 pounds. The barrels are mounted in a cradle and can be interchanged to divide up a load. The K14 is very useful for small machine shops and for jewelry processing. The small footprints of these wet barrel tumblers make them easy to fit in a crowded shop, even under a bench. The sturdy construction of this deburring machine solution guarantees many years of useful service.

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Wet Barrel Tumbler Features

  • Ideal for deburring or burnishing
  • The right barrel for the right job
    - 3 sizes available
  • Quick-change barrels add to its versatility and handling
  • All the features of larger equipment with small-model economy
  • Useful for production runs for small jobs or test runs for large plants
  • Variable speed drive
  • 24-hour timer included
  • Safety Guard on all systems
K1406 Wet Barrel Tumbling Equipment

K1406 shown with optional catch pan,
separating screen and bench

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K14 Series Specifications

K14 Series Features & Parts

K14 Series Features & Parts


K1401 to K1402: 0.758 ft³

K1404 to K1408: 1.625 ft³


Six-sided seamless plastic or steel.

Steel barrels are lined with a durable polyurethane lining.

Three widths available: 51/4", 101/2" and 221/2" wide.
14" diameter across corners.

Quick-action lock on covers.

Solid, watertight doors.

One solid door included with each size barrel ordered.


Variable speed control 25-50 RPM


24-hour timer.

Start-stop switch.

Bench Space

K1401 to K1402: 331/2" w x 25" d x 24" h

K1404 to K1408: 441/2" w x 25" d x 24" h



Catch pan.

Separating screen.

Drain door.

Extra barrels.


K1401 - one 101/2" barrel

K1402 - two 51/4" barrels

K1404 - one 221/2" barrel

K1405 - two 101/2" barrels

K1406 - one 101/2" & two 51/4" barrels

K1408 - four 51/4" barrels