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K9 Series

K9 Series Heavy-Duty, Wet Process Mini Barrel Tumbler

Bench Model
K9 Wet Process Mini-Tumbler

K9 shown with catch pan
and separating screen

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The K9 Series systems are bench-top, wet barrel tumblers that perform the same tasks as larger units, such as deburring, descaling, forming radii, improving surface finishes, burnishing, and cleaning, yet are compact enough to fit virtually anywhere. These barrel tumblers are a favorite within the jewelry industry.

Big Performance in a Small Machine

The K9 barrel tumbler performs the same tasks as larger units such as deburring, descaling, forming radii, improving surface finishes, burnishing, and cleaning.

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Small Scale Tumbling

Manufacturers of small parts such as jewelry and screw machine products will find the K9 ideal for their production needs. Tumbling methods and materials can be readily tested on a small scale without endangering large quantities of parts.

Although small, the K9 is sturdily constructed for industrial usage. Even the smallest manufacturing plant can find a place for the K9. Polishing and abrasive procedures can be done in the same barrel because the barrel is made of plastic. The barrel is easily removed for ease of handling. Optional separating screens and catch pans that fit under the barrel are available.

K9 Mini Tumbler Specifications

K9 Series Features & Parts

K9 Series Features & Parts




Hexagonal shape


9" diameter x 4" wide

11/2 quarts capacity


Direct drive via gear motor.

1 phase/60 cycles/115V


On-Off switch plus line cord and plug

Bench Space

11" wide x 18" deep

15" high including barrel


K9 catch pan - fits under barrel

K9 separating screen - fits in pan. Screen is constructed of 1/4" perforated metal (other screen sizes available).