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MT Series

MT Series Mini Roller Barrel Tumblers

Bench Models

The Mini-Tumbler industrial roller barrel tumbler system is designed for small parts and/or small batch runs. This roller barrel tumbler system is ideal for sensitive or fragile parts.

Roller Barrel Tumbler Features

This bench-top rotary tumbler system can accommodate barrels ranging in capacity from 22 ounces to 8 gallons. The heavy-duty plastic barrels are equipped with stainless-steel doors and neoprene expansion plugs. The three different finishing tumbler base sizes offer different bar lengths and distances between the bars to allow for multiple barrels/batches on each base. The standard tumbler base is supplied with two speeds, but can be upgraded to variable speed for your ideal deburring equipment.

MT Series Specifications

MT Series Base Specifications

MT Series Base Specifications



(l x w x h)
23" x 16" x 13" 36" x 19" x 13" 36" x 19" x 13"

Bar Length

91/4" 24" 24"

Bar Distance

41/2" 71/2" 31/2"


1/3 HP, RPM 1725/1140, 115V @ 60Hz

2-speed or variable speed


Available in 220V @ 50Hz

Additional or replacement barrels

Replacement barrel covers


Seamless reinforced fiberglass base.

Precision ground urethane bars.

Standard 2-speed drive.

All are available with an optional variable speed drive.

Available in domestic and international voltages.

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MT Series Barrel Specifications

MT Series Barrel Specifications



(diameter x height)
43/4" x 43/4" 81/4" x 43/8" 7" x 10" 101/2" x 103/4" 153/4" x 143/4" 5" x 41/2"

Barrel Opening

3" 4" 4" 4" 71/4" 3"

Total Capacity

22 fl oz 3.5 quarts 1.5 gallons 2.5 gallons 8 gallons 22 fl oz


90/127 52/80 42/56 38/53 25/40 1/120

Ceramic Media Needed to Fill Each Barrel

1 lb 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs 65 lbs 1 lb


Barrels: molded from heavy-duty plastic (HDPE).

Barrel Covers: stainless steel; neoprene expansion plugs; positive lock and seal for easy access.

MDT-1 features Delrin plug-type cover with silicone "o" ring seal.

Maximum Number of Barrels that Fit on Base


2 2 1 1 0 2

2-Bar Base

0 4 3 2 1 0

3-Bar Base

8 0 0 0 0 8