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TT Series

TT Series Tilting Barrel Tumblers

Floor Models

Open-Ended, Oblique Tumblers

The Barrel Finishing TT Series Tilting Tumblers are a series of open-ended, oblique tumblers - a special type of barrel finishing machine in which the barrel is open at the end and is mounted cantilever on a tilting shaft. The tilting tumbler is a versatile machine suitable for wet or dry barrel finishing processes. This particular system features a tapered octagonal shaped barrel for maximum tumbling action.

The design of the TT Series oblique tumblers is most desirable for its ease of handling. It is usually run without a door, so parts can be inspected as the machine is running. The big open mouth of the barrel makes it easy to load. It unloads rapidly by tilting the barrel down. It is an excellent barrel finishing machine to use for self-tumbling or drying parts. The barrel is metal and watertight. The barrel can be either unlined or lined with a durable polyurethane lining. The tilting device will swing the barrel a full 180º. The barrel automatically locks in any position. The machines are equipped with a manual or optional power tilt, fixed speed or optional variable speed, timer and overload protection.

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Easy Loading and Unloading

An old favorite for finishing, the TT Series offers the advantage of fast loading and unloading as well as rapid inspection, which is especially useful with runs of short duration. These tilting tumblers are also useful for doing many short runs because they are so easy to load and unload.

This type of barrel does not work as well with media as the standard horizontal barrel. The media and parts tend to segregate because of the vortex action, causing the media to stay toward the rear of the barrel as the parts migrate toward the opening. Hence, this type of machine should not be chosen for sophisticated deburring.

TT Series Features and Specifications

TT Series Features & Parts

TT Series Features & Parts


Direct from motor to barrel via a quiet chain and sprocket system.


Magnetic starter with overload protection, timer and knife switch.


Gear type: 3 phases/60 cycles/220V


Enclosed steel frame braced with an angle iron.


Barrels are available unlined or with a durable polyurethane lining.


Variable speed drive.

Unlined or polyurethane-lined additional barrels.

Watertight door for barrel.

Drain door for barrel.

Safety swing down guard with safety interlock.

Power tilt (included with model TTM-3).

TT Series Model Specifications

TT Series Model Specifications




2.38 ft³ 4.60 ft³ 9.30 ft³

Barrel Diameter

(bottom & top)
20" & 12" 24" & 16" 30" & 22"

Barrel Depth

20" 25" 30"

Steel Bottom of Barrel

3/16" 1/4" 3/16"

Thickness of Barrel Side

12-gauge 3/16" 1/4"

# of
Barrel Sides

8 8 8


28 28 28


1/4 1/2 1

Floor Space

(width x depth)
34" x 32" 38" x 37" 44" x 42"


700 lb 830 lb 950 lb