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Blast Room Package

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The Kramer Blast Room Package is an economical and efficient blend of the Heavy Duty Portable Pressure Blast Series and Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet Series systems technologies. The media is held in an ASME coded 600 pound pressure pot. The remote control handle allows for safe control of the blasting process with a valve to stop the flow of the media at the tank when the handle is released.

Reusable Blasting Media

Since most pressure blasting is done at lower pressures, abrasive media breakdown is greatly reduced. The Blast Room Package provides an effective process to recover the media, clean and recycle the media and allow for re-blasting. This Package offers the ability to use a re-usable blast media (outside an integrated and expensive blast room) on large parts or surfaces with the benefits of the quick, simple and easy recyclability inherent in an enclosed blast cabinet.

Blasting Media that are ideal for use with the Blast Room Package are those that can be re-used multiple times and include aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, urea and other plastic abrasives, corn cob grit, walnut shell grit, glass beads, pumice and silicon carbide.

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Blast Room System Features

The unique feature of this Package is the Sweep-In Media Feed Hopper. The operator simply sweeps the media into the feed hopper where it is conveyed automatically to the abrasive separator and dust collection system and then into the pressure pot for re-blasting. The Blast Room Package includes a high volume, 1500 CFM dust collector, 6 cubic foot pressure pot, heavy-duty, 1" ID, 50 foot blast hose, durable tungsten carbide nozzle and abrasive separator.

In pressure blasting, a controlled quantity of media is pressurized by drawing through a special ASME pressure tank. It is joined by compressed air entering the system from your air compressor. The air and media mixture are then propelled together through a single hose to the nozzle at an extremely high speed.

Optional items include a 55 gallon Dust Drum Package which will automatically collect and store the accumulated dust in a sealed container. An Air Fed Helmet, Air Line Filter and Air Hose are also available to provide a clean air supply to the operator during the blasting operation.


  • 5/16" ID Venturi tungsten carbide blast nozzle
  • Quick depressurization system for pressure blast tank
  • 50 ft blast hose with couplings
  • Remote control for easy on/off operation of blasting
  • Sweep-in media feed hopper sits on blast room floor (see below for details)
  • 6 ft3 pressure tank
  • Heavy-duty media valve
  • Abrasive separator with 3/16" perforated vibrating screen (see below for details)
  • 1500 RPC dust collector (see below for details)
  • 1" piping, moisture filter and pressure regulator
  • Optional items: 55 Gallon Dust Drum Package, Air Fed Helmet Package (Air Fed Helmet, Air Line Filter and Air Hose)

Blast Room Specs

Sweep-in Media Feed Hopper

Sweep-in Media HopperOperator sweeps abrasive from blast room floor, up ramp and into the feed hopper. The abrasive then falls into the air stream and is carried through a heavy duty conveying hose to the abrasive separator for cleaning. The removable 3/16" screen traps debris. 14" high.
Sweep-in Media Hopper Diagram

Abrasive Separator Specifications

Blast Room Package Abrasive SeparatorAbrasive Separator to remove dust and debris from media: 3/16" perforated vibrating screen, heavy-duty 11 gallon construction, vibrating particle screen, tunable air wash, 6 ft3 media storage hopper.

Dust Collector Specifications

1500 RPC Cartridge Dust Collector designed for continuous duty blasting operations. Provides optimum dust filtration efficiency with minimum maintenance. Cartridge filters are automatically pulsed clean during operation.

1500 CFM rated airflow at 14.0" SP.
Dual high-efficiency, abrasion-resistant cartridge filters.
1500 RPC Cartridge Dust CollectorPull-thru type with motor and fan on clean air side.
Two filter cartridges - 472 ft2 of filter surface area.
99.7% efficiency to 0.5 microns.
Automatic reverse pulse air filter cartridge cleaning.
Magnehelic pressure differential gauge.
Convenient slide out drawer for dust removal.
Exhaust fan silencer.
5 HP, 230/460 V, 3 PH magnetic motor with starter.
Adjustable air flow damper.
Exhaust fan silencer.
110 Volt sequencer.
Overall Dimensions: 61" wide, 32" deep, 90" high