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Chemical Compounds

Chemical Compounds for Wet and Dry Finishing Systems

Liquid Compounds for Vibratory Finishing Systems
Powdered Compounds for Wet Barrel Finishing Systems
Finishing Creams for Dry Tumbling Systems
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Chemical compounds in vibratory and barrel tumbling can...

  • Improve media efficiency by preventing glaze formation
  • Add extra abrasive to the load
  • Maintain good metal color
  • Create a polished finish
  • Prevent rust or corrosion
  • Clean and/or bleach metal
  • Deburr or form radii

Types of compounds used in conjunction with mass finishing equipment are pH-balanced, alkaline-based or acid-based compounds. They are formulated to perform specific functions when used with media. It is important to balance the ratio of flow rate to media volume to achieve optimal finishing performance.

Acid burnishing compounds and alkaline deburring compounds can be specially formulated to enhance a particular property, thereby performing best in all applications. A barrel or vibratory tumbling chemical compound will perform the following basic functions:

  • Increase lubrication and/or foam to produce a shine and protect delicate parts
  • Enhance grinding
  • Emulsify and suspend
  • Degrease
  • Clean heavy soil
  • Descale
  • Pickle
  • Polish
  • Brighten
  • Remove oxide skins
  • Cushion fragile components
  • Chemically accelerate grinding
  • Protect from rust and corrosion using agents for reactive metals
  • Add a mild acid for faster cutting and bleaching power