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Kramer Compounds Add Polish To Military Components

, 2·18·09

Piscataway, NJ • Kramer Industries isn't immediately recognized as a military supply company. However, as a leading supplier of cleaning and polishing media, chemical compounds and vibrating equipment, Kramer has been silently playing a vital role in the preparation of military parts for decades. Case in point is the contribution Kramer makes to the output of Check-Mate Industries, a New York-based, cutting-edge tool and die company, and internationally respected OEM supplier of military parts.

"We've been helping Check-Mate transform raw steel into finished components for military use for many years," says Steven Schneider, sales manager of Kramer Industries "They not only make innovative use of our corn cob grit and vibrating equipment to deburr and polish steel parts, but Check-Mate has also pioneered the use of our chemical compounds to hasten and enhance the process."

According to Schneider, Kramer Industries has developed a wide range of chemical compounds to complement their line of grit media. "Each of our compounds has a specific function in the finishing process," says Schneider. "Some are abrasives, some polishing agents, others are formulated for corrosion removal, and still others for degreasing and corrosion prevention."

A spokesperson for Check-Mate Industries confirmed the long-time role of Kramer compounds in her company's day-to-day operations. "Kramer helps us choose the right compound from their line for each step in our parts preparation process," says Jackie Vieweg. "Our requirements are very exacting," explained Vieweg, "and Kramer personnel have been willing to work hand-in-hand with us to perfect our processes."

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