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How to get it "Right From The Start"

, 01·19·10

Determining the right combination of equipment, supplies and processes to get a difficult job done used to be a matter of trial and error. That was before we developed our 9-step process for getting it 'Right From The Start.' Now every one of our customers, both new and old, can take advantage of our systematic approach to process optimization.

Here are several case history examples that demonstrate how we have been able to apply our experience and step-by-step problem-solving process to help meet the everyday challenges of our customers.

Case Study 1
The Challenge: How best to restore authentic Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts in order to maintain the full value of vintage bikes.
The Kramer Solution: Our optimization discovery process found that tumbling the parts with ceramic media produced the best results.

Case Study 2
The Challenge: Transform raw steel into components for military use.
The Kramer Solution: We found that using corn cob grit in combination with a polishing compound worked best to deburr and polish steel parts in one step.

Case Study 3
The Challenge: Give high-end cabinet hardware a unique finish.
The Kramer Solution: Slow churning the cabinet handles with ceramic tumbling media worked beautifully.

Case Study 4
The Challenge: Clean and polish spent cartridges for reloading.
The Kramer Solution: Tumbling the spent cartridges with walnut shell or corn cob grit produced the best results using a dry process.

Case Study 5
The Challenge: Remove house paint without using abrasive chemical stripping agents.
The Kramer Solution: Blasting with corn cob grit got the job done with minimal damage to the substrate, and no more drying time.

Case Study 6
The Challenge: Preserve World War II history by restoring parts of vehicles and equipment used during the war.
The Kramer Solution: Optimum results were achieved by tumbling the parts in a vibrating machine using ceramic media.

Case Study 7
The Challenge: Find a less abrasive means of removing graffiti in public areas of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
The Kramer Solution: The public works department of Green Bay now uses crushed glass grit instead of black jack slag as a blasting media.

Let us know if you have a "Kramer Solution" you'd like us to feature, or challenge us with finding a solution to optimize your process. We know how time consuming and costly it can be to experiment on a trial-and-error basis, and we're always here to help you find the right combination of equipment, supplies and processes...Right From The Start.

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