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Tumbling Media

Tumbling Media for Barrel and Vibratory Finishing Equipment

Ceramic Tumbling Media
High Density Ceramic Tumbling Media
Precision Ceramic Tumbling Media
Plastic Tumbling Media
Synthetic Tumbling Media
Carbon Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Shot
Hardwood Tumbling Media
Aluminum Oxide Tumbling Media
White Aluminum Oxide Tumbling Media
Corn Cob Tumbling Media
Silicon Carbide Tumbling Media
Walnut Shells Tumbling Media
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Media is the most common term used to describe any material that is used to produce a modified or altered appearance to a part. This usually refers to an abrasive, but it can be anything that will abrade, polish, clean or separate parts.

A preformed abrasive is a rigid molded shape or cut extrusion that contains a bonding agent as well as a specific size of random abrasive particles that determine the amount of material removal from parts. One of the advantages of preformed media is that the bonding compound is formulated to continuously recede and expose new or more abrasive particles. These shapes are capable of maintaining a relatively consistent efficient material removal rate over at least half the life or size of the preformed media shape. The preformed media shape's size, particle size within the shape, and the mineral composition of the preformed shape determines the surface finish.

Sometimes trials must be conducted before an optimal mass finishing process can be developed. We offer free test runs of your parts in our laboratory. The parts will be returned finished, with a report on the process and the estimated cost to process them.