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High Density Ceramic Tumbling Media

High Density Ceramic Tumbling Media

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Applications for High Density Ceramic Tumbling Media

High Density Ceramic Media is used for applications where reduced cycle times and low residue is important. Being about 50% denser than standard Ceramic Media, this High Density Tumbling Media will produce quicker deburring and higher polishing in barrel tumblers, vibratory tumblers and high energy (centrifugal barrel) systems.

High Density Ceramic Tumbling Media Advantages

These media formulations provide many benefits. The higher density produces more "pressure" in the tumbler resulting resulting in shorter cycle times and higher part throughput. The longer lifetime (up to 4 times longer than standard Ceramic Media) allows for fewer media purchases and reduced cost. The toughness and fracture resistance nearly eliminates the risks of media chips lodging in part. The shorter cycle times result in less water and compound usage further reducing operating costs and effluent generation.

The High Density Ceramic Media are available in three different grades for polishing, light deburring with very low residue and general purpose deburring with short cycle times. The KHD7 Bond is an impervious, long lasting polishing media producing a high polish. The KHD8 Bond is a very low residue, light deburring media. The KHD9 Bond is a general purpose deburring media with short cycle times and lower residue than the standard KM Bond Ceramic Media. All three bonds result in a bright surface finish.

High Density Ceramic Tumbling Media provides the following advantages:

  • Shorter cycle times
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Fracture resistance
  • Increased product throughput
  • Improved equipment capacity utilization
  • Reduced waste water