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Plastic Media

Plastic Tumbling Media

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Advantages of Plastic Tumbling Media

Plastic preformed media shapes, also known as tumbling stones, are a man-made media available in a variety of shapes and abrasive content. Plastic preformed media shapes are not as aggressive as ceramics, but can create better surface finishes. Being considerably lighter in weight than ceramics, plastic tumbling stones can process parts that ceramics might damage.

Plastic Tumbling Media Applications

Plastic media is recommended for general metal removal, pre-painted or pre-plated finishing, polishing, and fast and heavy cutting. Plastic media is used for soft metals (such as brass and aluminum) or stringy materials to avoid rolling the burr over into a hole. Plastic media produces a very smooth finish, but very little shine.

Plastic media is safe for parts with threads and is good for preparing parts for anodizing. The tetrahedron and cone shapes are good for parts with holes. The triangle shape is good for corners and flats. Combinations of plastic media can be used to process geometrically complex parts.