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EV Series
EV Series Heavy-Duty Vibratory Tub Systems
Floor Models

Heavy-Duty Durable Tub Vibrators

EV systems are a series of heavy-duty tub type vibrators designed for high efficiency and durability. They are primarily used as a deburring vibrator to improve surface finish, deflash, remove tool marks, and polish. The EV durable tub vibrators are available in six tub sizes ranging from 11/2 cubic feet to 20 cubic feet. All systems come equipped with a direct drive, separate control panel with overload protection, pump and timer controls. A variety of optional Tubular Rotary Separator Attachments can be easily attached to the EV deburring vibrator's tub outlet.

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  • Unique tub shape which forces load turnover: Unlike toroidal bowls, the EV generates considerable force by lifting the entire load, whereas toroidal bowls create a rolling action. The round contours of the EV wrap around the load to increase load pressure. The curved shape produces good circulation by forcing the load to turn over.
  • Controlled action that dissipates load pressure: The action of most tub vibrators tends to form an elongated elliptical path in an almost horizontal plane, which dissipates the load pressure. The EV achieves an almost circular path by employing a unique suspension system, which prevents power loss through tipping of the tub as it lifts the load.
  • Heavy-duty welded construction with a hinged top hood for quick accessibility and easy access to all drive components.
  • Shaft support with double row spherical bearings for extra durability.
  • Noise reduction: Vibration isolating pads to set the machine on, thereby reducing unwanted noise. Thick steel plate housing to minimize noise and floor vibrations.
EV Series Specifications

EV Series Features & Parts


Circular, with Urethane lining.

Door for end unloading.


Direct from motor to eccentric weight through flexible coupling; eccentric weight drive is adjustable.

0 - 3/8" amplitude range.

Sealed ball bearing pillow blocks.


Magnetic starter with overload protection; separate pump control switch; timer controls complete system electrical line supplied.

All controls are mounted on separate stand.

Water System

Separate pump and tank placed under the tub's bottom drain.

Water hose leads from pump to tub.

Water and compound can be recirculated between tub and tank, or a flow through operation can be set up.


3/8" thick welded steel plate construction.

Top hood is hinged and opens for complete accessibility to the drive.

Optional Accessories

TRS - Tubular Rotary Screen Separator.

Sound Dampening Cover.

Digital Timer.

EV 300 Vibratory Finishing Equipment with TRS-1 Tubular Rotary Separating Equipment

EV 300
with TRS-1

EV 150 Vibratory Finishing Equipment with media

EV 150
filled with media

EV 150 Vibratory Finishing Equipment

EV 150

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EV Series Specifications

EV Series Model Specifications



Tub Size

(w x l)

Top Tub



Floor Space

(w x l)
without stand
EV 150 11/2 ft³ 13" x 20" 71/2" 1/2 HP
1 phase
400 lb 28" x 34"
EV 300 3 ft³ 15" x 28" 91/2" 1 HP
1 phase
700 lb 34" x 41"
EV 600 6 ft³ 20" x 30" 14" 3 HP
3 phases
1100 lb 44" x 44"
EV 1000 10 ft³ 24" x 40" 16" 5 HP
3 phases
1400 lb 52" x 56"
EV 1500 15 ft³ 28" x 42" 20" 71/2 HP
3 phases
2100 lb 60" x 58"
EV 2000 20 ft³ 30" x 48" 241/2" 10 HP
3 phases
2600 lb 64" x 64"