Kramer Industries’ Mission

Solve every surface finishing problem.

Kramer Industries’ Vision

When you think of surface finishing, you think of Kramer Industries.

The Experience our Customers will have…

  • Stress-free and satisfying purchasing process
  • Honest and open communication
  • Treated with respect, integrity and trust
  • Products and services which exceed expectations every time

The Environment our Employees will work in…

  • A pleasant and comfortable workplace
  • Independence to take advantage of new opportunities
  • Encouraged to take risks without the anxiety of failure
  • Continuous learning in a non-stifling atmosphere
  • Freedom to be expressive and creative

The Contributions to our Industry will be…

  • Readily available, practical, educational information
  • Open dialogue to encourage learning and information sharing
  • Leverage our experience to facilitate economic growth
  • Cooperative environment among all in the industry

When a project needs finishing, start here. The last stop for all your surface finishing needs.