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Air-Fed Helmet Features

An Air-Fed Helmet affords use with full comfort and protection against abrasive ricochet and dust. Bears NIOSH approval number TC-19C-84. Helmets of this design are necessary for operations in blast cleaning rooms, inside of tanks and other confined areas and are required on many open-air operations of heavy duty and lengthy work periods to meet OSHA standards.

Made of refined, one-piece molded high-density polyethylene with special coated nylon cape for durability. Adjustable dihedral headband suspension affords user sizing range comfort. Hinged gasket-sealed vision frame affords maximum vision range with easy change of vision lens. Supplied with S-46-4 HP belt and brake valve assembly.

The 600HP Air-Fed Helmet is designed for use with the Air Line Filter and should be connected to a standard air compressor using the 3/8” Air Hose. We recommend using an electric compressor to ensure that no toxic gases are present in the air stream. If a gas or diesel compressor is being used, we highly recommend using the Carbon Monoxide Monitor as a safety precaution. As an alternative, the 600LP Air-Fed Helmet can be attached to the Oil-less Air Pump (using the 1/2” Air Hose) for a clean and safe air supply.

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