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KramerThinksGreen is Kramer Industries, Inc.’s initiative to identify and promote products and applications that are friendly to the environment. Thinking about being Green is a process.  It is an evolution toward a limited pollution, recycled, sustainable and friendly treatment of our shared environment. Many of the products mentioned on this site have been used safely and effectively for many years. As knowledge has increased about how humans have affected the environment, we feel it is important to consider the full impact of what we do. KramerThinksGreen is our effort to consider alternative products and applications that perform as we require and improve our lives.

The KramerThinksGreen logo is positioned around the website to identify eligible products and applications that meet the following general criteria:


A product is eligible for the KramerThinksGreen status if it has properties that have high re-usability, is sourced from renewable resources or can be recycled after being used. Products that are organic and sourced from renewable sources, such as Corn Cob Grit, or those made from a post-consumer, recycled product, such as Kramblast Crushed Glass Grit, qualify. Abrasive blasting equipment that allows for high recyclability of consumables and minimizes dust and energy usage is also eligible.


An application that increases the opportunity for creating a non-polluting, environmentally friendly result would qualify under the KramerThinksGreen initiative. For instance, Log Home Blasting using either Corn Cob Grit or Kramblast Crushed Glass Grit is considered eligible. In addition, applications that use water-based, biodegradable cleaners for cleaning, deburring or polishing are qualified.


The list below provides some specific detail regarding why we believe the eligible KramerThinksGreen product or application noted meets the above criteria:

Sourced from the ‘woody’ ring of the corn cob. An excellent example of extracting all available resources from a natural product.
Corn Cob Grit is biodegradable, non-toxic and completely non-hazardous.

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Originally a waste product from the production of walnuts. A biodegradable and safe blasting and tumbling media that is used for a variety of applications to replace more aggressive and not as environmentally friendly materials.

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Both of these blasting media are sourced entirely from recycled steel. These products are the most re-usable of all blasting media and can be 100% re-cycled after their useful blasting life.

Learn More About Steel Shot | Learn More Steel Grit

Sourced from post-consumer, recycled bottle glass, this media is growing in popularity due to it’s excellent performance combined with it’s environmentally friendly attributes of no heavy metals and no free silica.
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Water based and concentrated, the Kramco Liquid Finishing Compounds require only minimal usage in both barrel and tumbling processes. The highly concentrated nature limits discharge and allows for use in multiple batches.

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Similar to the Kramco Liquid Finishing Compounds, these products are 100% active allowing for usage requirements as little a teaspoons per batch.
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These Direct Pressure Blast Cabinets use a pressurized blasting process that allows for blasting at low pressures with highly effective results. This results in low media break-down extending the lifetime of the media. In addition, the cyclone separating systems with these units efficiently clean and recycle the media for re-use.

Learn More About the DP Series | Learn More About the HDP Series

Not an obvious choice for the KramerThinksGreen initiative; however, this process allows for multiple parts to be tumble blasted in short cycle times versus hand blasting the parts. The TB Series tumble blasting systems reduces media usage (due to batch processing) and energy consumption (due to shorter blasting time).

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The screens available for the PPB Series & HDPPB Series Portable Pressure Blasting Systems (or any portable system) increase the opportunity for re-use of the blasting media thus reducing overall media usage.

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Whether blasting with Corn Cob Grit or Kramblast Crushed Glass Grit, eliminated stripping chemicals from the log restoration process significantly increases the non-polluting aspect of this application. When using Corn Cob Grit, the additional KramerThinksGreen benefits (biodegradability, etc.) are evident.
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Using a blasting process with Glass Beads or Walnut Shell Grit to clean the hard water stains and scale off pool tiles and decks eliminates the need for hazardous (acids) chemicals to be used.

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Either the traditional method of cleaning cartridge brass using Walnut Shell Grit or Corn Cob Grit or the new methods using K-Polish Bond Polishing Spheres Precision Ceramic Tumbling Media provide a perfect example of environmentally awareness from a process and product standpoint.
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While not all procedures within this application would apply to the KramerThinksGreen initiative, using blasting media such as Kramblast Crushed Glass Grit (instead of coal slag) and Walnut Shell Grit reduce the need for mined, non-environmentally friendly blasting materials.
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