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Machine Depressurization System Features

A machine depressurization system places complete on-off control machine in hands of operator at blast nozzle. Provides added safety to the operator and others because the machine is automatically depressurized if the operator loses control of the blast hose. Reduces abrasive consumption when the operator changes position or is performing spot blasting work, because the operator can start or stop the abrasive blast at will.

Advantages of a Machine Depressurization System in a Heavy-Duty Portable Pressure Blaster

A machine depressurization system makes blasting economical and practical for safe one-man operation. Serves as a signaling device between operator and helper when blasting tank interiors, and other confined areas or when operator works out of helper’s sight. Delivers “fail safe” remote control performance because the blast machine will not operate in the event either or both control hoses are accidentally crushed, pinched or severed.

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