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Remanufactured Steel Shot

Using Steel Shot sourced from previously blasted and recycled material can be very cost effective while maintaining abrasive blasting performance. Limited Shot sizes are available. Please contact us to discuss availability and pricing.

We can pick-up and pay for used Steel Shot that is dry and does not contain hazardous contaminants. We can coordinate the pick-up of the Steel Shot to be remanufactured at our facility.

The recycling and remanufacturing involves a number of steps as follows:

  • Scalping – The Steel Shot is dumped through a scalping screen into a feed hopper. All the Steel Shot is fed from a single source to ensure that different shapes and hardnesses are not mixed. The purpose of this step is the clean the Steel Shot of any contaminants and foreign materials.
  • Magnetic Separation – If needed, the Steel Shot is magnetically separated from any non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, paint chips, sand, etc.
  • Air Wash Separation – This step is utilized twice during the recycling process. Air washing removes unwanted fines and dust particles.
  • Heat Kiln – A rotary kiln with digital thermometer controls is used to remove surface contamination of any hydrocarbons, organic material, or carbon graphite. This step is needed to ensure that residue free Steel Shot can be screened properly. The heat kiln does not impact the metallurgy of the Steel Shot.
  • Screening – A combination of screens are used to grade the Steel Shot to meet industry standards for particle size distribution. We can also customize size distribution to specific customer requirements, as necessary.
  • Spirals – If needed, spirals are used to separate round particles from angular particles for applications where tighter tolerances are required.

Once the Steel Shot has been processed through these steps, it meets all the applicable SAE Specifications including SAE J827, SAE J2175, and SAE J444. The process does not alter hardness, density, microstructure, chemistry, nor general appearance of the Steel Shot.

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