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ALC Sandy Jet Abrasive Blasters from S&H Industries

ALC Sandy Jet Abrasive Blasters

Kramer Industries is the authorized ALC Sandy Jet distributor and reseller of abrasive blasters. These industrial grade portable pressure blasters are designed to be used with a variety of dry blast media. Applications such as automotive restoration, boat stripping and log home blasting.

Portable Pressure Blasters

The ALC Sandy Jet abrasive blasters manufactured by S & H Industries includes deadman models such as F-65DM, F-110DM, F-150DM and F-300DM. In addition, ALC Sandy Jet portable pressure blaster remote models F-65R, F-110R, F-150R and F-300R are also available.

Additional technical information about the ALC Sandy Jet line of portable pressure blasters is available on the PPB Series Portable Sandblasting Equipment page.

F-65DM ALC Sandy Jet Portable Pressure Blaster
F-65DM ALC Sandy Jet Portable Pressure Blaster

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