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Abrasive Media


Abrasive media for sandblasting equipment is used for a wide variety of applications including sand blasting, tumble deburring, polishing, and other surface finish processes. As a wide range abrasive finishing company, many media are available in a wide range of types, hardness, grit and mesh sizes, and abrasiveness.


  • Heavy Abrasives for High Cutting Action
  • Organic Media for Polishing and Light Abrasiveness
  • Soft Media for Protection of Substrates During Blasting
  • Multiple Grit/Mesh Sizes in Every Media Type
  • Reusable Media With Long Usable Lifetimes
  • Consumable and Affordable Blasting Media


  • Cleaning
  • Paint and Coating Striping
  • Deflashing
  • Removing Machine Marks
  • Sanding
  • Edge Rounding
  • Surface Preparation
  • Scale and/or Rust Removal
  • Non-Skid Coatings

Typical Uses

  • Machine Mark Removal
  • Rust Removal and Cleaning
  • Surface Finish Modification
  • Abrasive Blasting for Coatings Preparation
  • Polishing in Tumbling Applications
  • Abrasion Resistance in Coatings
  • Creating Specific Surface Finishes

All media blasting techniques work according to a basic concept: small moving particles collide with a surface at high speed and remove surface particles or etch or peen the surface itself. Specific blasting media vary dramatically in terms of their intended purpose and method. One use of sandblasting media is to remove impurities prepare the surface in advance of paint or coating application.

Most abrasive finishing companies originally made use exclusively of silica particles for Sandblasting . Still, as research uncovered health risks associated with long-term exposure to the dust created by silica blasting, alternative media were developed abrasive finishing company. These abrasive blasting media, while minimizing health risks, were also discovered to outperform silica media in many applications.

Choosing the right abrasive blast media and the right abrasive finishing company is essential to finish surface preparation for paint or coating application. The following media types are available with various applications according to their hardness, size and abrasiveness.

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