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Barrel Tumblers are the most versatile type of parts finishing system. Applications can range from heavy deburring to high polishing to degating to parts drying. Barrel sizes range from as small as a few ounces to as large as a small car and everything in between.

The barrel tumbling process slowly rolls and cascades the load in the barrel to accomplish the desired task. Tumbling can be done either wet or dry and with or without a media. Screens are used to drain water and to separate media and parts.


  • Wide Variety of Load Sizes
  • Wet or Dry Processing
  • Accommodates Small and Large Parts
  • Aggressive Tumbling
  • Cascading Action for Fragile Parts
  • High Polishing Capabilities


  • Heavy and Light Deburring
  • Slag and Heavy Burr Removal
  • Polishing
  • Burnishing
  • Deflashing
  • Cleaning and Rust Removal
  • Scale Removal
  • Drying Parts
  • Degating and Separating Die-Castings
  • Wood ‘Sanding’ and Finishing

Typical Uses

  • Large Batch Production Runs
  • Heavy Loads
  • Steel Media Burnishing
  • Tumbling Large Parts
  • R&D and Lab Testing
  • Small Batch Runs
  • Drying Parts
  • Deburring Metal Parts
  • Deflashing Plastic Parts
  • Polishing Metals and Plastics

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