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Portable and Cabinet systems in both Siphon/Suction and Direct Pressure styles provide for a wide variety of application purposes. Our abrasive sandblasting equipment comes in an extensive range of sizes and is used with almost any dry abrasive blasting media. The abrasive blasting of large areas or batches of small parts are easily achieved with these systems.

Siphon/Suction abrasive sandblasting cabinets are ideal for lower volume applications where cost is a factor. These systems are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate almost any size part. Direct Pressure cabinets are typically heavy duty and are designed for quicker abrasive blasting as well as more regular usage. Both of these style cabinets can be customized and modified to meet the required project specifications.

The portable blasting systems are designed for situations when abrasive sandblasting needs to be done on the job site or the part is too large for a cabinet. These systems are engineered as industrial grade as well as heavy duty, high usage contractor grade.


  • Quick and Efficient Surface Modification
  • Portable and Cabinet Systems For a Variety of Abrasive Blasting Applications
  • Both Economical and Heavy Duty Systems
  • Large and Small Parts Processing
  • Manual, Semi-Automated and Fully-Automated Options Available
  • Continuous Processing; Flow-Through Production


  • Surface Preparation For Coating
  • Peening
  • Cleaning
  • Stripping
  • Scale Removal
  • Aggressive Abrasive Blasting
  • Deflashing
  • Rust Removal

Typical Uses

  • Surface Prep For Coatings Application
  • Machine Mark Removal
  • Rust Removal and Cleaning
  • Auto and Truck Restoration
  • Building and Bridge Blasting

Siphon blast cabinets and pressure blast cabinets are the two main types of abrasive sandblasting cabinets that exist on the market. The two have some distinct differences in how they operate. A siphon/suction abrasive blasting cabinet is mostly used for light production and general cleaning of parts and objects. A siphon blaster works by using a suction gun with an air jet to pull blast media through a hose and deliver that media to a blast nozzle, where it is then propelled at high speed into the cabinet. Siphon abrasive sandblasting equipment is easier to set up, but it takes more blasting pressure to achieve maximum abrasive impact. Because of this, suction abrasive blasting cabinets will leave a less pronounced anchor pattern than a direct pressure cabinet using the same blast media.

A pressure sandblasting cabinet uses a pressurized vessel (like a pressure pot) filled with blast media, which forces the media through a blast nozzle. Pressure sandblasting is significantly faster and more aggressive than suction sandblasting.

An abrasive sandblasting machine is equipment that uses pressure blasting techniques to clean rust, paint, and other kinds of contamination from metallic parts. The main use of an abrasive blasting machine is to clean metals that are used in the construction industry, ships, etc.

Portable abrasive sandblasting equipment is used worldwide in a variety of applications. Whether it’s offshore, marine, civil, general engineering, and maintenance, or building and stone cleaning, Portable blasting equipment typically uses a pressure blasting technique; however, many hobbyists and DIYers use small, hand-help siphons and gravity blasters.

Advanced Features and The Newest Technology in Blasting Equipment

The cutting-edge sandblasting technology in the blasting systems at Kramer Industries provides unrivaled precision and control. State-of-the-art media recovery systems, precise control valves, and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters guarantee operations that are both safe and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the integration of IoT technology enables the monitoring and adjustment of processes in real-time, ultimately enhancing both performance and safety.

Customization and Adaptability

Kramer Industries has created specialized blasting systems that are tailored to various industry needs. Clients have the option to choose from several alterations to personalize according to their requirements. Some of these items are turntables, track systems, and specialized grips for handling fragile and irregularly shaped items. The machines are built to be flexible in order to process various kinds of abrasive materials. They are capable of efficiently managing materials like glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and steel grit to fulfill particular surface treatment requirements.

Factors Related to the Environment

Kramer Industries is committed to environmentally responsible management. Our systems are designed in a way that reduces waste generation and minimizes the environmental effects of blasting operations. Employing advanced filtration systems helps trap dust and recycle fine particulate abrasives, resulting in a significant reduction in material usage and airborne particle emissions. We are dedicated to following rigorous environmental regulations to ensure that all equipment not only meets but exceeds, industry standards for emissions and waste control.

Enhanced Operator Protection

The main priority in the design of all Kramer Industries blasting systems is operator safety. Our cabinets and portable systems come equipped with robust safety features, including emergency shut-off valves, sealed glove ports, and impact-resistant glass viewing windows. The design incorporates ergonomic features to reduce operator fatigue during long periods of use, such as incorporating adjustable workstations and foot pedal controls.

Industries Catered To

Kramer Industries provides multifunctional abrasive blasting equipment. It is capable of catering to different sectors. They are frequently utilized in the restoration of cars and the maintenance of boats. Furthermore, our technologies are used in the aerospace sector to clean and prepare surfaces of aviation parts with precision. Our blast systems offer a mild but efficient cleaning option for delicate circuit boards and components in the electronics sector. They make sure there is no danger present. Our subtle media choices and accurate controls play a significant role in the fields of art restoration and architectural preservation. They enable the secure cleaning and refurbishment of historical materials.

Investigating Potential Opportunities and Developments

Kramer Industries is dedicated to advancing abrasive blasting technology. We have put extensive work into research and development. The main emphasis is to enhance automation. The objective is to develop more intelligent, autonomous systems that can adjust to various blasting conditions and needs without the need for human involvement. These advancements will result in improved productivity. They will contribute to the continued effectiveness and financial feasibility of blasting methods in the long run.

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