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Repairs & Services

Since Kramer Industries, Inc. has been designing equipment and compounds for the surface finishing industry since 1911, we have accumulated the knowledge to provide the most effective products and guidance to get you the results that you desire. We offer free test runs of your parts in our laboratory. The parts will be returned finished with a report on the process, helpful instruction sheets and the estimated cost to process them.

Call us for instructions on how to send your parts to our laboratory. Tell us about your finishing requirements, then sit back and let us do the work – Right From The Start!

Maintenance, Repairs and Relinings

Kramer Industries, Inc. can reline all of your Urethane-lined Metal Barrels, Tubs and Bowls. If the lining in your Systems Barrel, Tub or Bowl has deteriorated, it can be shipped to our facility and will be returned after being stripped and relined. Please call for more details on our Barrel Tumbling System, Vibratory Tumbling System or Abrasive Blasting System Repair and Relining service.

Periodically, the machines manufactured by Kramer Industries, Inc. require readjustment and recalibration in order to return them to their original specifications. Repairs to a Barrel Tumbling System, Vibratory Tumbling System or Abrasive Blasting System can sometimes be performed on premises or in one of our production shops, depending on the work required.

OEM Parts

Kramer Industries, Inc. maintains records on all machines manufactured for our customers. If a Barrel Tumbling System, Vibratory Tumbling System or Abrasive Blasting System requires replacement parts, Kramer Industries, Inc. can ship most OEM parts within 48 hours. The model and serial number are all that is required to recall all records regarding exactly which parts are required for a specific machine.

Refurbished Machines

Kramer Industries, Inc.’s machines are designed Right From The Start. We have previously owned machines that are refurbished by our production shops as close as possible to original Kramer Industries, Inc. specifications. These Barrel Tumbling System, Vibratory Tumbling System or Abrasive Blasting System are sold quickly so please call us to obtain a list of currently available machines.

Sell Your Finishing Machines

If you are upgrading or no longer in need of your equipment, Kramer Industries, Inc. can market your current Kramer Industries, Inc. or Non-Kramer Industries, Inc. equipment for sale on consignment through our marketing efforts. Please call us to discuss our consignment program.

Custom Orders

At Kramer Industries, Inc., we specialize in customizing systems, products and procedures. There are many options and custom equipment available. If you don’t see something in our catalog, please contact us.

Toll-Free: 1-888-515-9443
In New Jersey 1-732-650-9599
Fax: 1-732-650-0556
E-mail: [email protected]

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