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Ammunition reloading is an economical alternative to purchasing y-made bullets, especially for an avid marksman or target shooter, professional or amateur, where the cost of ammunition can become astronomical. Spent firearm cartridge polishing and brass cartridge case polishing become attractive options in these instances.

Reloading vs. Ready-Made Bullets

MB Series Mini Bowl Vibratory Finishing SystemsBesides the cost savings, reloading cleaned shells and cartridges allows for customization of the bullet with heavier or lighter grain balls and more gun powder for additional acceleration. With y-made bullets, the selection is limited and high-powered loads are not easily found.

Firearm Cartridge Polishing and Cleaning

One of the steps for reloading cartridges involves brass cartridge case polishing to remove gunpowder marks and dirt, while restoring the casing to its pre-fired shine. This process of spent cartridge polishing and shell casing polishing is fairly simple and quick due to the casings being made from brass. Brass is a soft metal and does not require much effort to clean and polish.

Corn Cob Blasting MediaThe following list of equipment is necessary to completely and properly polish spent brass cartridges and shell casings:

  1. Vibratory Bowl Machine
  2. Walnut Shell Grit
  3. Corn Cob Grit

Purchase a good quality vibratory machine that will handle the amount of spent brass casings you need to polish for reloading. The MB Series Mini Bowl Vibratory Finishing Systems are available in three sizes. Any one of these bench model systems is excellent at cleaning and polishing spent cartridges and shells.

Two different media are used in the polishing process: walnut shell grit and corn cob grit. Both come in a variety of particle sizes; which one to use and in what size will depend upon the number of shells being polished as well as the type (i.e.: rifle, shotgun, pistol) and caliber size.

Walnut Shell Grit Blasting MediaAlways make sure to the directions carefully before loading the vibratory machine with casings and grit. Don’t overload the compartment with brass or grit; the shell casings will not be adequately cleaned. Double check that the machine is properly closed and locked prior to turning it on.

If you’re willing to pick up after yourself at the end of target practice, reloading spent cartridges and shells can save money as well as allow for customization of bullets.

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