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The Kramer Industries Media Recycling Program (MRP) allows for the ability to recycle and remanufacture used Steel Shot, Steel Grit, and Aluminum Oxide Grit (Standard). These media are cleaned, graded, and packaged for re-use in the blasting industry.

Once a sample of the used media is collected and evaluated to ensure it can be recycled, either Kramer or the customer can arrange to have the used media shipped to the remanufacturing location. The used blasting media must be dry and packaged in drums or super sacks. There may be limits on what can be picked up based on media quality and location.

The Media Recycling Program offers several benefits:

  • Reduced cost as disposal costs are reduced
  • More competitive bidding for new contracts due to reduced blasting costs
  • Helps to comply with lower landfill initiatives
  • Reduces landfill costs
  • Increases profitability on existing contracts

You can find more information about the Remanufactured Medias that are made from the Media Recycling Program by clicking here.

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