Job Shop

Need a fixed finishing cost per part?

Finishing equipment too expensive?

Only a couple of tumbling jobs per year?

New product or prototype that needs finishing?

State of the art and secure facility.

Quick turn-around times.

Consistent and superior finishes.

100+ years of experience.

Use your workforce more efficiently.

No mess, no fuss.

We are the experts that the ‘experts’ call.

Our Job Shop is fully equipped to handle all aspects of barrel and vibratory tumbling. Many jobs include processes such as deburring, deflashing, polishing, burnishing, and degating. The Shop has expertise in working with all types of materials including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other metals as well as plastics of all kinds and even wood parts.

Below are some examples of parts we have processed for customers and the results obtained. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and how the Kramer Industries Job Shop can help!

When a project needs finishing, start here. The last stop for all your surface finishing needs.