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The Multiple Uses of Blasting Systems

Blast cabinet applications are virtually limitless, including cleaning, deburring, decorating, deflashing, etching, finishing, honing and peening. All of these uses and more can be accomplished easily with quick sweeps of the blast finish gun nozzle. Scale, corrosion, old paint and other surface materials are removed in minutes, leaving metal surfaces free of foreign matter and contamination. Even tough mill scale is quickly and efficiently removed.

The usual operating pressure for the dry blast cabinets is 85 PSI. A 5 HP air compressor is sufficient for most work. The blasting finishing system utilizes a variety of abrasives such as:

A multitude of finishes are possible, ranging from a micro-finish to a coarse-grade finish, depending upon the specific media used. Our blast cabinets can apply the proper abrasive to provide the desired finish for each specific blast cabinet application.


Applications include cleaning precision parts such as small gears, stampings, forgings and extruding dies, molds for glass, plastic, rubber and metal castings, pistons, valves, cylinder heads, armatures, brushes and rotors in the overhaul of electric motors and generators and machine parts.


Applications include removal of heat treat scale, carbon deposits, slag, oxides and discolorations, scale from high speed drills and other cutting tools, light machine burrs, paint, varnish and lacquer.


Blasting is useful in preparing surfaces for painting, plating, anodizing, welding and the bonding of coatings.


Applications include peening to increase fatigue resistance of critical parts, to increase resistance of parts which operate in a corrosive environment and to provide stress relief at weld points.


Items such as rusted tools, used files, saw blades and hardware parts can be reclaimed with a blast finishing system.


Provides decorative quality finishes useful in industries including automotive, appliance, photographic and jewelry industries. Applications include improving the appearance of castings by removing scale and thin edges and blending minor defects, dimpling surfaces to improve adhesion for plastic, rubber and paint and improving lube holding ability of running parts by creating uniform lubrication pockets.

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