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Vibratory Finishing Systems


Vibratory tumblers are the go-to vibratory polishing and deburring equipment systems for batch and for continuous parts deburring and vibratory polishing. The rolling action in a vibratory tumbler removes material from pockets, recesses, and bores on delicate parts, making it ideal for almost any size and shape parts. Vibratory tumblers and deburring equipment is available in bench model sizes for small parts and smaller batch sizes, as well as in massive tub and bowl style systems for extremely large parts and bigger batches.

To achieve an optimal finish, vibratory tumbler deburring equipment produce a cutting action by shaking the tub at a high speed. This causes the tumbling media and parts to scrub against each other, producing thorough and precise abrasions to remove burrs. A shaft with rotating eccentric weights mounted on the tub produces this effective  shaking action. Additional steps with different media types can used in the vibratory deburring equipment to get highly polished finishes.

Due to its high speed and short stroke, large bulky parts run easily through this system without damage. Typically, parts with long wingspans and landing struts run routinely in these systems. As a result of its high speed, small orbit action, the powerful movement yields little stress on the parts. Vibratory deburring equipment tumblers can be fully automated for a flow-through, continuous operation, or used for a basic batch operation.


  • Wide Variety of Load Sizes
  • Wet or Dry Processing
  • Accommodates Small and Large Parts
  • Consistent and Efficient Tumbling
  • Semi-automated vibratory polishing
  • Rolling Action to Protect Fragile Parts
  • Short Cycle Times
  • Built-In Separating in Some Models
  • Continuous Processing; Flow-Through Production


Typical Uses

  • Large Batch Production Runs
  • Heavy Loads
  • Tumbling Large Parts
  • R&D and Lab Testing
  • Small Batch Runs
  • Drying Parts
  • Deburring Metal Parts
  • Deflashing Plastic Parts
  • Polishing Metals and Plastics

Vibratory tumbling systems are the most widely used finishing systems for continuous and batch parts finishing. Its rolling action removes material from recesses, pockets, and bores on delicate parts, making it ideal for almost any size and shape part. Our vibratory deburring media are suitable for deburring and edge finishing brass, aluminum, copper, iron, and stainless steel workpieces such as machined parts, injection molded parts, stamped parts, and die casted parts.

You can use our vibratory Finishing machines to do the following:

  • Remove sharp edges
  • Edge breaking
  • Remove visible burrs
  • Remove projections at a specific magnification
  • Edge rounding
  • Burnishing and vibratory polishing

In general, the vibratory deburring equipment is the more popular option than barrel finishing for most mass finishing applications. This is mainly because of the vibratory finishing process is more compatible with automation, which can reduce labor costs and save time.

It’s also ideally the better option for finishing delicate or very large parts and is better-suited for tight-tolerance projects. Additionally, using a vibratory tumbler with polishing and deburring media tends to produce a smoother finish without causing excess wear on the surface, which increases the durability and extends the lifespan of the part.

Vibratory tumbler deburring equipment generates a force on the parts, causing parts and media to turn and grind against each other deburring or polishing the parts. Vibratory Tumbler and Finishing Machines can be used for deburring and other mass finishing applications such as polishing.

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