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Microdermabrasion Application

What is Microdermabrasion Treatment?

Microdermabrasion is a procedure in which the skin is “blasted” with micro-fine particles of white aluminum oxide or corundum particles. As the area of the face, neck or chest is being pelted with corundum particles, it is also being “vacuumed” to remove the dead skin cells and the just-used white aluminum oxide.

White Aluminum OxideThe typical microdermabrasion procedure lasts about 25 minutes, but may take longer depending on how much area is being treated. Both dermatologists and spas offer traditional microdermabrasion procedures.

An alternative to the traditional blast procedure is a cream or two-step home system. Most cosmetic companies use the white aluminum oxide particles as the abrasive component in their products. The results can be very similar to a spa or medical procedure, but are less aggressive on the skin and may take more treatments.

It is critical that the abrasive media be a material which is contaminate free, thus the reason why white aluminum oxide is the preferred choice by most manufacturers. White aluminum oxide is ultra-pure (99.5% pure), contaminate free and contains less silica, making it safer to use than sand.

Why try Microdermabrasion?

As we age, our bodies no longer have the ability to effectively slough off the dead top layer of skin (stratum corneum) as it did when we were younger. The skin starts looking dull, lifeless and rough, while the pores can become clogged, causing breakouts.

A series of microdermabrasion treatments may help to lessen or remove many fine lines, wrinkles, skin discolorations and light scarring, leaving skin witht the appearance of being fresher, clearer, softer and more youthful.

At-Home vs. Medical Office or Spa Treatments

Although the at-home creams and the office or spa microdermabrasion procedures have some basic similarities, there are very specific and important differences.

Similarities include:

  1. Exfoliating dead skin cells
  2. Improving skins appearance
  3. Use of white aluminum oxide media as the abrasive

Differences are:

  1. Office or spa procedures are performed with equipment by a technician
  2. The corundum is a much finer (smaller) grade than in creams
  3. The traditional procedure is more effective
  4. Only one procedure every two months traditionally vs. every two days with cream
  5. The degree of abrasion can be better regulated with office and spa procedures

The one thing to remember is to always take care of your skin. Use a good skin care regimen and protect your skin from sun and weather. Good skin maintenance coupled with regular microdermabrasion treatments using high-quality products and procedures may restore a youthful appearance and glow to your skin.

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