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Can more than one person in my company utilize Kramer PRO?

Yes. Kramer Pro is a company-based subscription program and anyone in the same organization can access the benefits. 

How do I renew my subscription?

Your subscription will renew automatically unless you let us know in writing that you wish to cancel. 

How are my discounts applied to my order?

Once your order is shipped or your job shop is complete, the Invoice will be created applying the appropriate discount.

How are prices determined prior to any discounts applied?

All prices are determined by Kramer Industries and are subject to change without notice. Many of these list prices are noted on our website. Additional discounts may be available based on purchase quantities. 

What does the Onsite Tech Support Audit include?

A technician with experience in your applications and processes will visit your facility for at least one day to review your finishing operations in order to make recommendations to improve efficiencies and share state of the industry best practices. 

What is Remote Tech Support?

Unlimited Remote Tech Support is available with Kramer PRO PLUS and PREMIUM plans. This benefit provides email, phone, and video support options with one of our experienced technicians to assist you in whatever finishing projects you have. 

Can you explain with the Extended Warranties include with Kramer PRO PREMIUM?

All equipment sold by Kramer Industries comes with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. With the Kramer PRO PREMIUM plan, that warranty is extended to three years. 

I don’t see my question on this list. How do I get more information?

If you have any questions at any time, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] and we will respond quickly.

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