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TB Series

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TB1 Tumble Blasting EquipmentTB1 Tumble Blasting Equipment


The Tumble Blaster Series are enclosed tumble blasting cabinet systems with a sandblast gun aimed into a rotating basket. The random tumbling action insures that all parts in the basket are completely sandblasted when the cycle is finished. The TB Series ranges in capacity from a 1 quart table top model to a 150 pound, 3 cubic foot capacity model. The number and orifice size of the blast guns are balanced to ensure efficient blast coverage of the entire load during tumbling.

Tumble Blasting System Models

The TB-1 (Mini-Tumble Blaster) is a bench top unit that can process about 1 quart of parts; the TB-2 can process 2 cubic feet of parts and the TB-3 can process 3 cubic feet of parts. The TB-1412 and TB-2424 tumbler blasters are designed for high volume automatic tumble blasting of small parts. The large 14" x 12" barrel holds approximately 50 pounds of parts and turns at 6 RPM. The extra-large 24" x 24" barrel holds approximately 150 pounds of parts and turns at 2 RPM. Simply load the barrel, close the door, set the timer, and turn on the dust collector. The barrel slowly turns, gently exposing all parts to the blast stream. When the timer expires, parts are finished and ready for unloading!

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Optimal Media & Features

All tumble blasting systems feature an automatic timer, an air pressure regulator, an air line filter, a dust collector, one sandblast gun with carbide nozzle, and one blow off gun (TB-2 & TB-3 only) to remove dust from parts. The tumble blast systems work with

TB1412 Tumble Blasting EquipmentTB2424 Tumble Blasting Equipment



TB Series Model Comparison Chart

TB Series Model Comparison Chart






# of Guns


TB-1 1 quart 8 lbs 1 Bench Model
TB-1412 0.5 ft3 50 lbs 1 Production Floor Model
TB-2424 1.0 ft3 150 lbs 2 Production Floor Model
TB-2 2.0 ft3 80 lbs 2 Extra Large Capacity
TB-3 3.0 ft3 150 lbs 2 Extra Large Capacity

Blasting Applications

Tumble blasting systems remove rust and scale, remove hard to reach burrs, produce either bright or dull texture finishes and prepare a surface for bonding. The process is very simple: load the parts, set the timer and, at the end of the cycle, open the trap door to unload the parts, which drop onto a sloped ramp and discharge into a tote pan.

Tumble blasters can remove tough flash, light burrs and heavy scale or rust from recesses, create even, texturized surfaces, perform tough cleaning jobs and mask imperfections. Tumble Blasters can replace hand operations and do the jobs barrel tumblers and vibratory tumblers cannot do, such as die-castings with internal flash, encapsulated and thermoset plastic parts with flash and precision parts with hard to reach burrs.

Here's how simple it is:

  1. Load the parts through the front opening.
  2. Close the door, which places the gun in position.
  3. Set the timer and start.
  4. When complete, open the cabinet door and the bottom tumbler door. The parts will drop down into a catch pan.

While tumble blasting is restricted to relatively small parts, it can perform the same tasks as standard blasting equipment. It also has the advantage of processing many parts at the same time, unattended. The random tumbling action presents all reachable areas to the blast stream, producing even results. By controlling the pressure, blast media, and time cycle, a broad range of jobs can be done, achieving consistent, predictable results.

Model Features & Specs

TB-1 Series Specifications

TB-1 Specifications


Door opening

18" x 12" constructed with tapered bottom hopper

Inside Work Area

18" x 18", with clean-out door on bottom, inspection window and light


18" wide x 24" deep; 94 lbs


On/Off timer switch for tumbler & blaster, pressure regulator gauge and safety interlock for door

Air Gun

12 CFM; 1/4" carbide nozzle

Air Pressure

40-120 PSI range requires a 2 HP compressor


1/8" perforated oblique metal
Open-ended 12" diameter x 8" high


1 quart


6 RPM fractional gear motor, 1 phase/60 cycles/115V

Dust Collector

self-contained, enclosed

TB-1412 and TB-2424 Specifications

TB-1412 & TB-2424 Tumbler Specifications


TB-1412 TB-2424


0.5 ft³
14" diameter x 12" deep perforated steel barrel with unloading door.
1.0 ft³
24" x 24" perforated steel barrel with unloading door.


50 lbs of parts 150 lbs of parts


6 RPM, 1 phase/115V
Heavy duty gear motor
2 RPM, 1 phase/220V
Heavy duty gear motor

TB-1412 & TB-2424 Blaster Specifications


TB-1412 TB-2424


Drawer for easy parts unloading
Heavy duty construction
Drawer for easy parts unloading

Dust Collector

400 PT dust collector 800 PT dust collector


Safety door shut-off
1 blast gun (25 cfm standard, 45 cfm optional) with timer
Safety door shut-off
2 blast guns (45 cfm standard, 25 cfm optional) with timer

Air Pressure

Pressure regulator with gauge 3/4" pressure regulator and moisture filter

Floor Space

65" h, 45" d, 30" w 75" h, 60" d, 45" w

TB-2 and TB-3 Series Specifications

TB-2 & TB-3 Tumbler Specifications


Constructed of perforated metal with round shape.

Large opening in front (center) for loading; quick acting door on side for unloading.

TB-2: 2 ft³, 24" diameter, 12" wide

TB-3: 3 ft³, 30" diameter, 17" wide


TB-2: 80 lb

TB-3: 150 lb


2 RPM fractional HP motor, 1 phase/60 cycles/115V

TB-2 & TB-3 Blaster Specifications


14-gauge steel construction with full-length front door.

Tapered bottom hopper to hold blasting materials.

Inspection window in door.

Inspection light.

Dust Collector

Separate from cabinet with self-cleaning bag.


Pressure regulator and water trap.

1-hour timer to permit tumbler to run without blaster.

Separate air only switch to blow off parts before unloading.

Door safety interlock switch to prevent air blasting when door is open.

All circuits are 110V, single phase and grounded as per OSHA requirements.

Total amperage - 10 for blaster and dust collector.

Air Pressure

Each model has two guns. The TB-2 uses 12 CFM per gun. The TB-3 uses 25 CFM per gun.

Gun has 5/16" orifice.

Minimum air compressor requirement is 71/2 HP, though 10 HP is recommended, with a total air supply of 25 CFM needed for the TB-2 and 50 CFM needed for the TB-3.

Noise Level

65 Decibels.

Floor Space

TB-2 and TB-3 - 39" x 40"

Dust Collector - 20" diameter