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TRS Series

Tubular Rotary Screen Separators

TRS-1 Tubular Rotary Screen Separating Equipment

TRS-1 with transfer pan

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Advantages of a Tubular Rotary Screen Separator

The TRS Series of rotary separator systems offer a big advantage over traditional flatbed screen units since media and parts cannot blind the screen openings. The rotating action of the screen turns the parts over, emptying the media out of the part recesses, thereby performing complete, rapid separation of the parts and media.


The TRS tubular rotary screen separator is a flow-through operation and can be fed directly from the vibrator opening. A whole load can be dumped into a pan and fed slowly to the screener. This frees the vibrator rapidly, allowing it to be quickly reloaded with a new batch. The entire TRS tube is made of perforated metal, with openings customized to the parts being processed. The TRS' legs are adjustable to control the tilt.

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TRS systems are available in three sizes: (1) The TRS-1 for vibrators up to six cubic feet; (2) The TRS-2 for large vibrators; and (3) The TRS-2D two-stage separator for removing fines and separating at the same time or for separating flash runners and parts from die-cast or molded plastic parts.

TRS-2D  Tubular Rotary Screen Separating Equipment diagram
TRS Series Specifications

TRS Series Specifications and Options



Tube Size

12" X 36" 20" X 36" one 20" X 36"
one 20" X 24"

Floor Space

17" X 36" 24" X 39" 24" X 64"

Inlet Height

24" 40" 40"

Discharge Height

15" 36" maximum
24" minimum
36" maximum
24" minimum

Maximum Rate

300 lb per minute at 20 RPM 800 lb per minute at 20 RPM 800 lb per minute at 20 RPM

Optional Accessories

Additional screen tubes.

Catch pan.