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Vibra Finish Equipment

Distributor and Reseller of equipment for Vibra Finish Company

Kramer Industries is the authorized distributor and reseller of VibraHone vibratory finishing equipment for Vibra Finish Company. Vibra Finish vibratory bowls are state of the art finishing systems that are available in capacities from 1 cubic foot up to 20 cubic feet.

Vibra Finish FCV-ULE-2 Series

The FCV-ULE-2 vibratory bowl series are available in three sizes: 3, 5.3 and 10.6 cubic feet. All of these systems are built with heavy duty motors, rugged polyurethane liners and elevated screen decks for easy separation of the media and parts. The curved wall design and low profile increase operating efficiency and reduce down time leading to overall increased productivity. Details for these systems can be found on the VH-ULE Large Bowl Vibratory Tumbler Series page.

The FCV-ULE-2 vibratory bowl systems are also available with sound covers. These covers will dampen the sound from the tumbling process. These models have capacities of 5, 10, 15 and 20 cubic feet. Details are located on the VH-ULN Large Bowl Vibratory Tumbler Series page.

Vibra Finish VibraHone FSV Series

The VibraHone FSV Series are smaller, floor model vibratory bowl finishing systems that are designed for smaller parts and smaller volumes. Economical and efficient details for these systems can be found on the MB Series Mini Bowl Vibratory Finishing Systems page (F Series).

As an authorized distributor and reseller of Vibra Finish VibraHone vibratory finishing equipment, please contact us to help you choose the right vibratory tumbler to meet your needs.

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Vibra Finish FCV-ULE-2

Vibra Finish
FCV-ULE-2 Series

Vibra Finish FCV-ULE-2 with sound dampening cover

Vibra Finish
FCV-ULE-2 Series
with sound cover

Vibra Finish VibraHone FSV

Vibra Finish
VibraHone FSV Series