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Recycled Aluminum Oxide Grit (BFA)

Using Fused Aluminum Oxide Grit sourced from previously blasted and recycled material can be very cost effective while maintaining abrasive blasting performance. Limited grit/mesh sizes are available.
Please contact us to discuss availability and pricing.

We can pick-up most used Aluminum Oxide Grit that is dry and does not contain hazardous contaminants. We can coordinate the pick-up of the Aluminum Oxide Grit to be recycled at our facility.

The recycling process involves several steps as follows:

  • Scalping – The Aluminum Oxide Grit is fed through into a feed hopper via a scalping screen process. Only material from a single source is processed at a time. The reason for this step is to separate the BFA from any foreign materials and miscellaneous garbage from entering the system.
  • Air Wash Separation – Air washing cleans the BFA of any undesirable fine particles and dust. This step is utilized two times during the recycling process.
  • Heat Kiln – A rotary kiln is used to remove surface contamination. The system includes digital thermometer controls. This step increases the toughness of the Aluminum Oxide Grit and improves cleanliness.
  • Magnetic Separation – The Aluminum Oxide Grit is magnetically cleaned twice during recycling. This is done prior to screening to ensure all ferrous materials are removed.
  • Screening – A series of screens are used to grade the Aluminum Oxide Grit to meet industry standards for particle size distribution. Customized distributions can be graded to meet individualized customer specifications, as required.

After the Fused Aluminum Oxide Grit (BFA) is processed through this recycling process, the final product
meets ANSI size specifications. This recycled material can be used in any application where Virgin
Aluminum Oxide Grit can be used.

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